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Major D




3rd of July, 1985

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Reggie Lawrence (Brother)


505 Crew, Bohan Posse

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Early LifeEdit

Delroy was born in a small Miami suburb in 1985 from parents Lily Lawrence and Michael Lawrence. Ever since an early age, Delroy was aware of gangs. He was introduced to the world of street gangs, when the infamous Haitian Street gang "Zoe Pound" burnt the house next door to him due to the owner not paying fees which he borrowed off the gang. Everyone in his family was killed by the blaze except their Grandmother, his brother; Reggie and Delroy himself.

When Delroy's Granmother died three months later, Delroy and Reggie went into seperate foster care. The two brothers lost contact.

When Delroy was 13, he had already began affiliating himself with a small Jamaican Posse; The Block Posse. They were small-time, and the membership barely surpassed 20. The group were involved in small-time crime like robbery and vandalism, with the most extreme crime being minor assault.

By the time he was 15, Delroy had already served 14 months in a Juvenile Detention Center. When he got out, he was rewarded by 22-year-old leader of the Block Posse; Jacob Wilson, by being made his right-hand man, or Lieutenant.

When he was 18 years old, after working for Jacob three years, Delroy began getting powerhungry, and on August the 14th, 2003, Jacob was found in a back alley in Miami - his head was found several meters away.

This was the beginning of Delroy's career as a criminal, and the end of the Block Posse.

Move to Liberty CityEdit

In 2005, two years after the betrayal inside the Block Posse, Delroy (Who had now adopted the alias "Major D") had stole Jacob's old contacts, and have been setting up a new crew, to be based in Bohan, Liberty City. When everything was set up, Delroy took the first flight out to Liberty City, and landed in Algonquin International Airport.

When Delroy arrived to Bohan, his contacts had came through, and within the first week, business was running great. They had taken over a small pair of blocks in the south-east of the island, and were raking in up to $10,000 a week from things like extortion, and drug dealing. The money ultimately flowed to Delroy.


In 2009, Reggie contacted Delroy, and the two brothers began communicating again. By early July, the two had decided that Reggie would come to Bohan, and help run the new crew.