Deshauntre Jackson was born and raised in Compton,L.A.He's favourite colour was red and gang,Bloods.That's why one day he chilled at the Blood hood looking around.He noticed some Crips coming by aswell talking noticing him with red.Deshauntre runned quickly pickping up some rochks throwing it at them.One of the Crips pulled a Mini UZI shooting at Deshauntre two times but luckly he was alive.The Crips asked him some questions that Deshauntre told them the truth.Then they droped him by the liquor store near a highway.That was the first place of hes first crime.He noticed a car and slowly walked near it.He checked the door,got it, and started the engine.He was only 16 Years old that time.He speeded off the liquor to a abonded apartmanet where Bloods and some blue rags wrecked sawn there.He ntoiced some smoke coming from the left and Deshauntre walked by noticing some guys talking and rolling the blunt.They noticed Deshauntre and approached at him.They asked him whats he doing here.Deshauntre didnt know how to nswer so he just told them that hed like to be down with Bloods.They told him that he had to do some works to earn the rag.With the hope he could become a real blood,He did all the requests from the Guy that told him and he earned he earned hes rag after three weeks.Deshauntre became the O.G Of the Bloods on 1981 and now he was the leader and hes word was final o the gang.