Katya Kosmachevskaia
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Kyrgyzstan (Russian)


December 24th, 1987 (Age: 23)

Physical description

Caucasian (English)


5' 6"

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Familial and political information
Known family

Natashia Kosmachevskaia(Mother)
Ivan Kosmachevskaia(Father)



Miscellaneous information

Student (Los Santos University)


One of the photos from Katya's portfolio

Katya Kosmachevskaia is a Russian engineering major from the International University of Kyrgyzstan. She transfered from IUK to the Los Santos University to continue her studies of American Engineering. In her spare time, she works as an amateur poster model for magazines and shows such as Octane (magazine) and Car Crazy

Life StoriesEdit

Early LifeEdit

Katya was born during a time of unrest, the Soviet Union was nearly dissolved (Her being at the age of 3 for the end of the collapse), and grew up in the middle-high class of the newly split Russia. She lost her father to a railroad accident when she was only 5, and promised herself that when she was older, she would help to develop better solutions and equipment for the workers. She was home-schooled until she was 13, then she attended an all girls academy, all the while studying Russian architecture and engineering.

More RecentEdit

In October of 2005, her mother passed away from cancer, leaving the 17 year old with a the harsh realization of being alone. Only months after turning 18, she was accepted into the International University of Kyrgyzstan where she majored in Engineering and minored in Computer Sciences, graduating with her Bachelors equivalent in 2010.

Life todayEdit


Katya with her two cats, Felix and Charlie

Kat is living happily on the beach side apartments known as the paradise complex. She spends her days working at the University of Los Santos, working on getting her Masters in Engineering. While not at school, she takes walks on the beach, or stays indoors, playing with her cats and working on structural designs that could be used in the future. Occasionally, she is called upon for modelling jobs that usually pay a good amount of money, but are few and far in between. She also does odd jobs, such as being an in home nurse, being a freelance photographer, and organizing parties.